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Check interferences of matches


New member
Is there a option for 'check interferences of matches' that I can set in my inlbs_asm_design template? This option, which I have to set each time I do an assembly, allows me to mate components that will interfere. Example, when I insert a PEM standoff into its mating hole in a sheet metal part, it will, by design, interfere with the body that has the hole in it.

Steve C
Is there a reason you can't use the Insert constraint? (Select cylindrical surfaces and Pro makes them coaxial.)

David Martin

Torgon Industries
I insert my PEM hardware by autoplace (the autoplace constraints are: 'Align face' and 'Insert face') and I need this option turned off so it will not fail when components intersect. So, in essance, I'm inserting cylindrical surfaces to cylindrical surfaces as you have stated, they just intersect by design. This is why I need this option turned off in my inlbs_asm_design.

Steve C


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