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chassis design dilema


New member
hi i m a student of engineering,me and my team have taken up a project of fabricating an off road vehicle.i m in chassis design.i would like to know whether i can model the chassis design on structure module in catia or should i do the modeling in part design. please suggest me your opinion.the chassis will be frequently remodeled and the dimensions would be altered frequently.and please any one could suggest me where i can find the tutorial files regarding the structure design module.

Hi, I'm graduated in Industrial Design and I've made the same kind of project in 2002 for graduation exam. I think it depends on what do you want to get: 1) a prototype to be made by your hands or 2) a project that can lead to a possible world wide selling production. unibody is now universally recognised like the best choice for weight and money saving otherwise a lower chassis with two "steel I profiles" is more indicated for hardwork off-road. In the first case I suggest PART DESIGN MODULE in the second STRUCTURE MODULE.

Hope this could help you in anyway.



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