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Changing Views to a model with Simplified Reps


New member
Does anyone know if there is a way to change an already placed view of a Master Rep of an Assembly to that of a simplified Rep? I tried Views->Dwg Models->Set/Add Rep....but that appears to only affect anything new I put into the drawing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
ok, nevemind I figured it anyone else who wants to know, it's under Views -> Modify View -> View State.
Currently, views can only use assembly simplified reps. To create one for a part try placing the part in an assembly and create a simplified rep with the part displayed with the part simplified rep.
In WF 3 you can choose a simplified rep for a drawing part:
File\properties\drawing models\set/add rep
You also need to activate this option in
Unfortunately I've started a drawing with master rep and I now would like to change to a different rep.

Edited by: nicolas d
Okay I see. I haven't actually tried that option. Looks like you can't currently do that unless there is another option I don't know about. From what I found out you can't change the rep even if you started the view witha geometry rep.


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