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Changing Parameters from a Website


New member
Just wondering what it would take to make a webpage that read in parameters from a user and opened a generic model and changed the parameters to match the web input. It would then regen and save the updated part in a specific location so that the user could either view or download the partfrom the webpage. Is this possible? Would I have to purchase any additional programs/applications? Thanks for you help!

- Jason Schuler


New member
Depending on the specifications of everything, you might be able to do this with J-Link and some other apps to connect everything together.

J-Link is a free "module" with Pro/E.




New member
I spent most of the day reading through the Jlink API and made very little headway. Is there anybody out there that can help me understand how to set up jlink to run? I've been trying to get the install test jlink program to run, but with no luck. Also, does anyone know of any goodbooks or online articles that explain jlink on a beginners level? The API is too confusing. Thanks!!

- Jason Schuler


New member

Web.Link is a JavaScript API that can directly drive Pro/ENGINEER from a web page. The caviot is Web.Link only runs in the embedded browser. It is not a net enabled API.

If this application must run accross the web then you are pushed into Java and J-Link. Most of your task is simply Java and not J-Link specifically. Obviously you need a web page. You alsoneed a process (Java-servlet) to recieve and process client requests. This process could be written in some other web languageif you desire. Youneed a separate process (worker) toperform the Pro/ENGINEER work. The only piece of this equation that uses J-Link is the worker.

A company named Felco Solutions supposedly has a J-Link training class. Their site is www.felcosolutions.com. They also have a Pro/INTRALINK Scripting class if you need to get your models out of Pro/INTRALINK.

Good Luck


New member
Thanks mmead0ws. Yeah unfortuantly I do need to run this app
remotely so web.link wont work. Felco Solutions isnt offering the
training yet but thanks for the tip. Ive gotten j-link to load the
install_test app but everytime I run it Pro/E crashes. What am I
missing here? Thanks.

- Jason Schuler


New member

I haven't done J-Link in quite a while. I can talk about architecture and other high-level info, but I'm afraid I'm not much help anymore when it comes to actually configuring and coding.



New member
I have a quite similar problem: I have to make a new project, but I would like to have the opportunity to print the drawing in different languages, in particular in italina, english or french.
Do you think is there a way of reading parameters from an external file or something else that could help me?



New member
There is alot of ways of doing this.

1) J link could drive proe.


3)Trail file.

4)Text file into ProE. (need AAX license)

Easiest would be option 2 or 3. Or even a more simpler way would be to combine 2 and 3.

Ok, so lets say that you've got about 4 variables. Create the model with all these variables defined and safe model. Now go and create a mapkey that changes all these values. Save this mapkey to a seperate file and not into your config.pro, lets use a name like parameters.pro for the name.

Create your website. when the user clicks on the "SUBMIT/OK/GO" button on website. You should have a script that changes all the values in the mapkey file.

Start ProE up. Load the mapkey file the same way you would load a normal config.pro file. Run the mapkey. This will then load your new values into the model.
You could also use this mapkey to call other mapkeys that create/print drawings.

As you've been doing this in proe, proe has created a trail file of all the things youve done. copy this trail file to a different location and rename it to parameters.txt.

Now, to make this all work from your site.

1)Change values on site.
2)Site must change parameters.pro file.
3)Site calls proe with the trail file. (....\ptc\proewildfire\proe.bat parameters.txt


New member
Hi all

i am rightnow working on J-Link, is there any way to take parent child relation from an assembly.

means if an assembly is there, is it possible to exctract the children's name and write it to a dat file or text file.