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Changing default model in drawings ????


New member

my case: i made a standard assembly. I copied this ass to other maps (by save a copy). The new ass were called ass1, ass2, ... and their parts were called part1-1, part 1-2, ..., part 2-1 ...

->> Now I've to make drawings. Is it possible to make 1 drawing per part, and then copy it to each map. Do I have to change the default model of the drawing ? eg, part -> part 1-1 / part -> part 2-1 ... Or do i have to make a new drawing for all parts ?

!! only dimensions of the parts changed, not the model.

kind regards

hello. your situation seems like a perfect use for family tables. if you are not familiar with family tables, i suggest learning about them.

to replace a model in a drawing..... first do a save as of the drawing. open the new drawing, go to Views--Dwg Models--Replace.
I would suggest starting over!

First bring up your assy drawing, and all part and sub-assy drawings in sperate windows. Then open each part and sub-assy and rename it to its copy name. When you have renamed all components, go back to the drawings and one by one rename them and save them.

Now this may sound a little cumbersome, but it is the easiest way to make copies, and brings along all of the dependencies. Plus if you want multiple copies all you have to do is go back and repeat the steps w/what you already have loaded in session!


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