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Changing color of boundary lines of detailed view


New member

I have a detailed view in my drawing and the boundary lines have the same color as the geometry (white). When I plot the drawing, boundary lines therefore have the same width as the geometry. I would like to have the boundary lines plot with a smaller width than the geometry lines. Therefore I need to change line color in my drawing.

What I have found so far is to set line_style_standard in my drawing template to std_iso. This makes boundary lines yellow and make them plot correctly, BUT the text color now is blue (as the Pro/E documentation states..). And this I don't want.

I have tried to change the text color by modifying text style, but text color stays blue..

My 'old' text color was yellow and I would like to keep it that way.

Anybody know how I can set my boundary lines color to yellow and keep my text color as it is now (yellow) ?

Kind regards