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New member
Hi all,

I was thinking of getting the certification for Wildfire

to help with the old contract searches.

There are only 80 people listed as certified at PTC and

it appears that the Level 2 certification that was due

out last fall never happened.

Anyone have any comments about this?

Is level 2 cancelled due to lack of interest?

Has anyone found that certification has helped

in any way?




level 2 will be on board at the end of 2004 as i have been told

the list about the certified prof. has not been updated with the latest certified professionals

i think that a certification of a high end package is always helpful for many reasons

i suggest you to do this




New member

I see now what you mean!

My concerns were that they listed so few people

as Level 1 Certified and didn't release Level 2 yet.

We all know how much PTC loves money so I

hoped for some input on this one.

I've been on Pro/E for 8 years so I'm not sure the CEP

will do much for me....



New member
I work in ProE since 1997

- Will that improve your salary (I mean Certification) If answer is yes, maybe is good to bother with those problem.

If answer is no - why you that think about that. I suppose that you know ProE very well since you work more than me


New member
Hi again,

Will it improve your salary?

That is my question to y'all.

Will it help get a job easier?

That is another question I have for y'all.

Does any employer question you about the CEP cert.?

cristelino, CEP is easy to get.

You pay $200 to the test centers found

on PTCs webpage and pass the test.

Maybe passing the test isn't easy, but there are a lot

of test center to take it at.

You get three trys a year.



Hello everyone,

Iam a Student and i just have very Basic knowledge on Part modelling, asseemblies and Drawings.I would like to go for The Wildfire Level 1 Certification..Iam not sure on how hard the test would be for me, coz i don't have any material to look at. Also i do not have any Industry experience so i really don't know how hard is it going to be for me and wat all areas i need to look at..So if anyone here wud please take some time and let me know as to wat cud be done it wud be of immense help.

Thanking you for all your help in advance



New member
The reason their are so few people listed is [as far as I know], the exam was only given once. At the PTC world event in 2003. We were told that they were giving attendees a one time deal. Certification for only $200 US, as you can see they didnt have very many sign up. It was also pre wildfire general release.

So much for certification.