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Centreline display on screen


New member
Just in the process of upgrading to Wildfire M200 from 2001.

Managed to get most of our settings to port across, but the centreline display on a drawing refuses to play ball.

Using Show/Erase creates a centreline in a pale orange colour which is very difficult to see. It then plots very faintly. However, the default line style is set to yellow - if I just sketch a line and change the line style to the default centreline it shows correctly (as per our 2001 setting).

Where is the setting that tells Wildfire which line colours to use for its entities?


New member
As a continuation, I've just realised that the drawing is displaying the system entity colour for show/erase axes on the drawing.

So, to get the drawing to look and plot correctly, I can change the system entity colours for the datums to be yellow. This doesn't sit very well with the Wildfire colous scheme, though.

Anyone know how to match a system entity colour to a pen in the table.pnt file? If so, I could use the work around that the faint colour on the drawing at least plots correctly.


New member
Ok, I'll close this thread down by saying that once I realised that the "brown" system entity colour was being transferred to the drawing, I could do a proper search on the PTC website.

Found three useful TANs:




I've used the work-around of leaving the "brown" colour on the screen, but assigning it to a pen in a table.pnt file:

pen 8 thickness .015cm; color 0 0 0; datum_color

This now plots the centrelines in black at a good thickness.

Thanks for anyone taking the time to read this thread. Hope my solution helps someone else.