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Centerline dimensioning over symmetric part on drawing


New member
A user here wants to apply the dimensioning over a centerline (like that of a revolved section to show diameter) on a *.drw. But this will be applied on a sketched cross-section with holes placed symmetrically over a centerline. Since the other symmetric hole does not appear on the cross-section, he would have no reference for centerline dimensioning.

Is this possible?


You can create a dimension the same way you do for a diameter -

Click on the centreline, then on the item, then again on the centreline.

This will give you the dimension as if there was another hole there...


New member
You cannot create a flat diameter dimension around a centerline in drawing mode! But you can go back into the feature's sketch and create the dimension there. Then show it on the drawing. Or just create a linear dimension on the drawing that represents the diameter.


New member
Sometimes when you want to dimension from a centerline of an arbitrary symmetrical feature, you can sketch a centerline on a datum plane or datum axis. Then you can relate the line to the view.