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Center marks


New member
how do you put in a center mark for fillets and hole features that was not created with the hole camands. I created a slot and I cant get a center mark to show up on either ends.

thank you


For an extruded slot, you can addan "axis point" in the sketch. This creates an axis in the model which can also be shown in the drawing.


New member
Slots used as holes should have the axis. When you show axis in the drawing, choose the feature to show the axis.For radii, you can create an axis through the surface.


So how do you add a center point for a revolved arc? I want to put a cross hair in the drawing at the center of an arc that forms a revolved cut. Axis points aren't available in revolved features. The only work around I have figured out is in drawing mode to "sketch/edge/use", select the arc, then sketch a point and have it snap to the center of the draft arc. However, it has to be repositioned if the geometry changes.


in config.pro set SHOW_AXES_FOR_EXTR_ARCS to YES all extruded sketches that include an arc will produce an axis. A revolved feature should produce an axis automatically.

Also you can create a datum axis Thru Cyl and use the surface created by the arc this will appear in the draw as crosshairs.



Maybe I am just misinterpreting your question, but when creating a revolved feature don't youget an axis feature in your prt by default? Which can thenlater be displayed using show/eraseinyour drw?Another note regarding sketch/edge/use,I believe you can turn on remember parametric sketching referencesbeforecreating yourpoint entity referenced to the arc center.This way the reference to the arcwill always remain, irregardless of geometry changes.

Hope this is helpful.