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catia vs. ProE


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I wish someone who is user of both ProE Wildfire 2.0 (latest release) and Catia v5 (latest release) compare failyand impartially both the softwares.

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yes i am agrred with ISRAR

It is need to be compare & analyse which is the best one

sudhanshu panda
Depending on the product you are going to design I think both are the best.
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Catia is very stabile an I have very few crashes but to do a drawing you will get crazy and you can
Hi all

As I am an experianced pro/e user and I am using it from more than 7 years. I just start working on Catia, and I find it so nice and powerfull. Even I am not so experianced in catia. I didnt ever make a drawing in Catia so I cant say about it. But I find so many features and options that I like to see in pro/e since years.
I think Catia is better in mechanical design than Proe, in oher modules is still some work to do but is getting better and better.
Customisation is Catia is simple and usefull (MapKey=RecodMacro)
Regarding Drafting i think is ok even better than Proe. If u are looking for a good tool for drafting the best on the market is still AutiCAD
Abot the PDM's catia works fine with ST (also Proe
)...i never used IntraLink.
The catia developer Dassault Systemes is so clever! He put lots of resources onto the aerospace & the automobile fields and won a big portion of these two most-profit making markets. Hehas plenty ofmoney to do R&D. On the other side,he acquired Solidworks and used lower price to beathis competitors likeproe & ug.No one deny that solidworks is weaker, but it is functionally enough and cost effective for many small and medium companies. We can see many of these companies switching to use solidworks. Besides, Dassault donates lots of Solidworks & catia and provides training support to so many educational institutions around the world, thus further preventing the offspring from learning other softwares. if you were a boss, would you give several thousand dollars to buy a software training for a junior engineer and then wait for several months until heis comfortable enough to use the software to start a design project. Surely not if you have an applicant who is ready.

Proe is deep but catia is wide. The new coming V6 catia draws all parties, including designers, engineers, customers, suppliers, manufacturers and even consumerstogether to add values ontoa design on the same platform. Strong but simple is the characteristic of catia, designed for all parties.

Proe is strong but his situation is not good. Look at the current situation of another giant Unigraphics then you canunderstand what i mean.
There are good and bad with both.

Pro-E is better in that you can actually perform functions in assembly mode where V5 you cannot. For example making a cut at assembly instead of at part level. And pro-E also is quicker at updating drawings of very large assemblies where V5 can take hours.

But, then V5 is better in you can exit sketches if needed where Pro-E doesn't let you do that until you are finished. The errors are easier to deal with in V5 and V5also hasmore common sense commands. Some things are a lot quicker to do.

It's all in preference. I think they are both good with drawings, modeling and sheetmetal. I have not used surfacing yet which is where V4 was always the strongest, so i'm not sure if this carried over to V5 or not.
"Pro-E is better in that you can actually perform functions in assembly
mode where V5 you cannot. For example making a cut at assembly instead
of at part level."

Sorry mate, but u have to take a closer look at the assembly features


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