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CATIA vs. Pro/E ?!


New member
CATIA vs. Pro/E ?!

I would like to hear your pros and cons about this topic! Please be specific. Of course if you are familiar with both of them.

I'm a Pro/E user for 3 years and right now I need CATIA for my job so I have to learn it too.

I have started already, and of course I have some difficulites at the beginning, so I would like to hear some

opinions from someone more expirienced. Thanks.

I hope that there is a lot to say and the passionate users from both sides are welcome.
I mean CATIA V5 starting from Release 8.

As I found out till now the CATIA is much better in surface modeling, and looks simpler whit the rounds.

Today I discovered that in CATIA the threads don't have the geometrical representation? Is it realy so?

I see that this is rather for some CATIA forum, but people could just give their brief thoughts about theirs expiriance with both of them.

Catia 5.x is still at begining of migration from V4, for this case with Catia 5 you will have too many patch-uri, but one nwe patch resolve one problem and create new problems. In my opinion is ok to learn Catia 5 but don't migrate yet ... if you have very delicate data information.


If Comparing CATIA V5 vs. Pro/E 2001. CATIA5 has some advantages.

The specification tree is more detailed, associativity is really strong, the feature are easy to use, learning the CAD take less time, features have a lot of different options (some of them could only be found in Pro/ E).

I would say that their (CATIA5) support is still lousy.

The sketches of both CADs are equal in their associativity, stability and constraints.
How does ISDX conpare to surfacing in Catia? What sort of things can you do in Catia that cant be done in ISDX?

I used both catia and pro e for a project just to compare the pboth, I found out that, both the software has its own advantages and disadvantages,

1.In Catia, you define the sketch first and then perform protrusion or cut or any other opp'tion.

2. You can create a swept feature whose traj' need not be normal to the sketch.

3. You have a lot of options for creating curves and surfaces which can be helpful in creating complicated solids in less time.

Ultimately its the time you take to create the model that counts.

I found pro E being very strong in detailing.
Pro E can do it, yes. But in catia its very simple, fast and easy, thats what i meant, I have a friend who is into CAD/CAM marketing, i'll ask him and let you know more details.
hi pro e and catia are both equally god software iam using both according eventhough catia is easy its not stuctured properly proe is well defined software when u are opening a catia model in proe u can use few config files in proe to get a clear data . but with my experience proe is a good convertor of data ie it gives good igs compared to catia . catia is the worst igs out software i have seen. any comments about my comment


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