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catia vs pro/e

Catiais easier to use! More user friendly! Both softs have bad sides and good sides, but one of the features that make the diference between them is the light usage.
I have used ProE for 14 years. Used UG for 2 years and have been using CATIA now for the last 6 months. CATIA is much easier to use with a consistent interface and a billion dollar company backing them. For sure no package is perfect but Dassault Systemesare moving forward with technology.
The price may suggest something.. something to ask why!
catia reigns supreme when it comes to surface design however the drawing module is not even a touch on wildfire apart from that they are both very good pieces of software i find proe easier but thats because i being using it longer!

I had to test Cad software for the company I worked for and all I can say is you need to look <B style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal">at the area you work in[/B]. ProE wildfire is better than Catia in the mechanical side, and then Catia is better in the Surfacing side.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
Note: Pro E Kills Catia with its Pricing and what you get.
I have used Proe for the past 14 years and in the last 18 months started to use CATIA V5.
This was a business decision. Proe has been very unstable during the wildfire releases and felt it was time to explore other tools. CATIA come out on top, is extremely stable and does what we need it to do.
I agree with other replies that you have, you need to assess your needs, your customer/supplier and your budget. Get yourself a demo of license of each, one after the other not simultaneous and do the same project in both. You will quickly work out which you are more comfortable with.
Proe is easy to customise has all the tools CATIA has. Whereas CATIA has the market momentum and backed by one of the biggest software companies, Dassault Systemes.
If you have a specific questions pls ask.
1.we can do boolean operation in catia. sketch can be extruded.

3.Easy to operating the tool.

4.User friendly software.
can any body tell me ( Just for comparison purposes) how much does lhe latest version of Pro/e and catia Cost.

& can any body help me with comparison in terms of computing resourses required on either of the design packages
giridhar, all I know is that Pro/E Foundation is just under USD $5,000. I'm not sure how much the full package is, nor do I know the price on Catia. I'm sure a reseller would be able to answer your question. If you find an answer elsewhere, would you post it here for the sake of the community?
CATIA v5 is the best-in-class high-end PLM software.
It is very powerfull, but it is expensive one.
CATIA v5 is rather designed for bigger companies.
CATIA is much more powerfull than PRO/ENGINEER
( for example have better surface modules ), but
PRO/E is cheaper and has great parametric capabilities.
CATIA v5 is the easiest for use high-end software.

To cut a long story short:
CATIA is better, but this software is designed rather
for large companies, especialy in automotive, aerospace/defense, railway and shipbuilding industry.
For small business - IMHO - PRO/E is better choice and much cheaper !

Prices in EUROPE:

Catia v5 in Europe cost 13.000 euro ( base version, only
solid modeling ), little stronger version ( with surface modelling ) cost about 18.000 euro. There is
no upper price limit according CATIA v5 :)

The base, simplificated Pro/E cost 2500 euro ( only solid modelling ), The fundamental / primary version of PRO/E cost - as I remember - about 9-10 thousand euro, and full package about 18.000 euro ( much more modules,
features and tools than in 18.000 euro CATIA v5 ! ).

Hope this helps !

I work for small company that use both CATIA and Pro/E
....and UG and Solidworks :).
Thanks for the insight Robert Jack S. This is exactly what I was looking for. It's pretty funny that Catia tells you there is no upper limit on the pricing
a big advantage for Pro/E it is the Save tool, exemple : you make 100 save you have 100 version ...... in this mode you can go back tothe version 1 (first save).

i think it is a hugeplus for Pro/e
Catia badly needs the "simplified rep" technology that proe has.

I have heard the demise of the air bus super liner program schedule is focal

to this problem. not being able to have enough data in session to analyize

interference. I would bet Dassault is pulling their hair out over this.

This enables a large assembly to be called up in session with only specific

compnonents being viewed and accounted for in the memory. catia v5 is very limited to the amount of data it can handle, too much and it crashes or won't generate drawing views. the activate/ deactivate command does not take care of

this problem like it shoud. also the layering command is a joke. (what's it's use?).

the other command desperately needed is "erase not displayed" which would clean the buffer. right now you have to log off and log back on to do this.
I am looking at buying Pro-E now for drafting and CNC. Right now, we draw every thing once in solid works, import it into Esprit, and start over next part. We looked at Catia and Pro-E as the only integrated packages that had parametrics and associativity. With a $20,000 price difference, we are going with Pro-E. With 20 people, a 20$K/seat is major change!!!!! Is Catia $20k/seat much better? What will my machine shop not be able to do for $400,000 less?

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