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Catia V5/Vista OS

As i know for the moment u can't install catia under vista
To use it under vista u can copy catia from a xp install then use v5regserver
to use full integration under vista os
from performance point of view....i think XP (XP64
) is way better than Vista
I install Catia V5 R17 on VISTA OS on 32bit, but only when I boot in safe mode with networking. It is a problem with OpenGL driver, so when you start in safe mode, is not loaded all drivers, so....
This solution i found in another forum portal.
CATIA V5 R17 doesn't work in VISTA.

But after R18, it is possible if you match Vista 64 bit & CATIA V5 R18 (64bit).
You can install ANY version of CATIA on VISTA. But in order to install you must log into safe mode and do the install whilst under that. Newer versions this is not really required.


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