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CATIA Tutorial free download


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CATIA Training Foils Advanced Part Machining

15952.42 KB

In this exercise you will create a Multi- Axis Flank Contouring operation by using following options: Non-contiguous drives surfaces (1) Non-contiguous drives surfaces in the same plane (2) In this exercise you will create a Multi- ..

CATIA Training Foils Prismatic Machining

12309.78 KB

Prismatic Rework Area is the area which is remained unmachined after using the tool from the previous operation. Using Prismatic Rework Area, you will come to know which area is to be remachined using next suitable tool. This functionality..

CATIA Training Exercises Surface Machining

11948.67 KB

In this step you will learn how to: Define a new Part Operation Create a machining area corresponding to the whole part For this you will: Select a machine Define the part to machine Design the stock Assign the stock to the part operati..

CATIA V5 Expert Mechanical Designer-Assembly Design

12296.23 KB

In an assembly document, links are maintained between all related CATProducts, CATParts, cgr files, and documents (.txt and .xls files) such as Design tables and hyperlinks. These links can be seen using: A. The Edit > Links Menu B..

CATIA/ENOVIA Training Foils Digital Mock-Up Basics

12055.6 KB

In this course, you have learned : To prepare a DMU session and customize it to suit your style of working To change component properties, manage components and edit them. To navigate through your Mock-Up To manage viewpoints by using camera..

CATIA Training Foils Surface Machining

18165.63 KB

Using this wizard you can create limit lines from the projection of the picking positions onto the support body along the normal to the screen. If a point is picked outside the support body, the projected polyline starts at the intersection ..
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