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Catia Runtime Exception


New member
Dear Friends,

I installed Catia V5 R17 in my pc (xp sp2, 1gb ram). Whenever I am creating a pad or revolve, while giving the preview of the par, the program crashes with the message "Runtime Exception Click to Terminate". Once clicked, it will hang for quite some time and then closes. So far I couldnot use the software. Can anybody provide me a solution.

Thank you,
Make sure you are using a certified graphics driver. I had a similar problem until I made sure I was using the certfied graphics driver for my video card.
Thank you Mr. gevad for your reply.

But my computer dont have any graphics card. It is having Asus K8V mother board and I installed all the drivers got along with the CD. Even then, Catia shows runtime exception.

The same Catia program, when installed in my friend's pc, it worked well. I think, some windows/OS related errors/settings causes the error. Please guide me in correcting the issue.
It usually takes about 20 min between run time exeptions
on most pc's I've used Catia On. You should look at getting
an nVidia or ATI card that is certified for use on CAD
systems like Pro/E SolidWorks and Catia. Many
companies will refuse to supply technical support unless
you're using a certified system.

for recommendations.



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