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CATIA Macro & VB Projects Files


New member
Hi Friends,

I am Pauras a CATIA program developer. I have some projects and a huge collection of .CATVBA catia macro files. So if anybody interested in development then mail meI will send you all details about the project and help + guide + certificate fo excellance.

And if you need the macro file or project please PM me.

Feel free to ask any question regarding to CATIA PROGRAMMING.


[email protected]
Hi Friend

Please can you give me advice or small help with VB macro. I tried to programmed small project and developted small robotic interface for my school excercise. V5automation describe creating joints at kinematics properly but this case doesn't work, please can you send me some macro that work and can create any type of joints.

Thanke you very much
Dear pauras,<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

I have the interest to work in catvba, I am having the experience in c,c++ and VBA with Autocad2000.
Please initiate to me. please send me the information,ii will do that.

Hello Pauras,

I am interested to understand the project(s) that you have been working. Can you send the information to me regarding your accomplishments.

Thank you,

Hi pauras,

Does CATIA v5 work with Visual Basic 6.0???

If yes can u please send me a small application to extract BOM of a product


hi pauras,

please also tell me on how to get part/assembly position (X,Y,Z co-ordinates) in VB6


Hello all and hello pauras,

I hope I don't come too late, i want to make some macros in Catia with excel interaction and I really need help. Now what I desesperatelly search is some code to learn how macros in Catia works.

Any recomendationa, code, or manualare welcome.

Thanks a lot
Does anyone know how to do something with Catia? OLE automation does not support Catia library types. you have to access Catia Document via "Catia.Application" object and implement various interfaces available. Specifially MECMOD and PARTITF. I would like to talk to someone who is VB6 hardcore to go in depth to develop some useful applications. Anyone out there?
Hi Pauras,
I'm new to V5 but lot's of experience with Pro/E. There was an easy solution for marcros ("Mapkey") and programming (Pro/Program). I'd be glad to get your stuff to get examples how to do this with V5.
Any recomendations, your code, or manualare welcome.
Thank you
Cananyone tell me how to save the history of an assembly file-expanded mode(CatProduct file) in a text/ any other format which i can use to compare with a similar file.


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Hello everyone and hello pauras,

Currently, I'm working on a project in CATIA V5 macro.

This aim is this one :

I Have a part (a wall)in witch many equipment are placed. My macro must be able to create automatically all the fixation points of each equipment and store the results (the points) in the part of the wall.

My macro work but the problem is that all the different parts are stored in a VPM tree and are placed in different level in that VPM Tree. My macro must be ableto work forevery project using a VPM Tree and that VPM Tree is always different in function of the project.

So my idea is to select all the lastest level of product, copy them, create a new CATProduct and paste them in order to have only one level of product. With this method my macro will run forevery projects.

But Have you any ideas to do this?

Currently I'm using this type of code:

Sub CATmain ()

Set MaSel = CATIA.ActiveDocument.Selection





So, with this I can select all the part (witch are placed in lastest level of The VPM Tree) and after, I would like to select the parent witch is the CATProduct.

But I don't know how to select these lastest CATProduct.

Do you have any ideas about this?

Thanks in advance


Try using this code to get the product

Sub CATMain()

Set oRootDoc= Catia.ActiveDocument
Set oSel= oRootDoc.Selection
For n= 1 to oSel.Count
Set oPartSelected= oSel.Item(1)
Set oPartProd = oSel.FindObject("CATIAProduct")
Next n

End Sub
Dear Pauras,

i am serching for a person like u from long back. i am very much interested in working with vb and macros. so please help me in this regard. waiting for ur reply.....

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