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catia installation


New member
Hi all,

plse any one tell me how to install catia v5 in my personal computer, iam trying from past 10 days
. tell me brifly.


Hi sunil1979, All you have to do is find out how much space you have existing on your hard drive. V5 is a multiplatform and a very large program to instal on any pc and you have to first configure what Products & Configurations you want to use on your PC.What kind of PC and OS do you have?I am interested to know what you have listed in the V5 installer catalogue. Go to Catia setup, that's the icon with the pretty picture of the earth from space and go about installing to dessault file. It will tell you in a list what prod&Configs are there. Pick Mech2 and Imagine & Shape to start off with. You can always add more later. If you are happy with this info I am also a new user but I am confident with running it AOK. I think I am missing a couple of materials & library for the program so I am interested to find out what you've got listed. Please respond to the forum or post me at [email protected][img][/img]
If you have enough horsepower in your cpu and hard drives Catia V5 will
install easily with everything you need if you just take the defaults
and install it all. Your license will govern what you can use and
what is available. You will then need to set up your environment
etc so that you can log in as administrator and get some of the links
set for the defaults that you like.


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