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catia installation guide


New member
Dear Everybody.....

I am a new CATIA V5 user and I'd like to join with this group to get a step by step installationguidefor CATIA V5. Thank you very much.

waiting eagerly for the answer.

Mohd Zahid
well this is how i do it
1. on a partition (not C drive) i create a folder called Catia Rxx
2. in This folder i create :
(Rxx_Ref_Settings for admin if it is the case)

then start catia installer, select first folder, second one..Next Next...When the install is done i go to env folder and edit the environment file (change the path to user settings, ref settings, temp, error log)

if your os get broken jut use cnext regserver and you get your catia up and running in no time

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