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Catia Importing


New member
I'm trying to get assembly to a client that uses Catia but they can't seem to read my stp files. (They can read my IGES but since iges comes in as surfaces they don't want to use that format) Can anyone let me know what other solids formats CATIA can read? I've been trying to look it up online but haven't had much luck.

A STP license for CATIA costs extra so not everyone has one that's why they probably can't read it. IGES isusually the only option unless there is some 3rd party software somewhere that can help, but that I don't know anything about.
They have a stp liceanse. The odd thing is that they used to be able to read my files and now they can't. I am creating them the same way I always have. I just can't seem to pin point the problem. The file size is not larger than it used to be.

I have catia materials including the followings:

catia v5 r17 sp3 Software 2CD
catia v5 r17 Help document 4CD
CATIA v5r17 Training 20CD
catia v5 A-class surfaces, Reverse engineering,advanced video courses with demonstrations of car 15CD .
Otherwise there are some other training courses, about 20CD.

These CDs are not for free. If anyone wants to buy, please email to [email protected].

The above URL are just part of demostrations. This is my e-shop.


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