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Catia ebook (by French)


New member
Hi friends,

I have some Catia tutorials by French.

If somebody need it, PM to me

I'll send it to you.

i have not received any reply from you friend about that tutorial you've oferred.
and i look forward to receive your tutorial as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Well, hmm.... I'm so sorry for my unpatience feeling. Because I have
waited for a long time about something that you would give to me
(remember 15th Jan 2007)...............

I always wait your promise.... Please....

I got some mates from Vietnam, Ho Ci Min City to be exact, We are
student of Aerospace Engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology,

Hopefully, it would be so kind to have you as my new friend in this forum. Thank you very much. Once again I wait your offer.

Thanks in advance,
I've just received any tutorial file you've offered. Thanks anyway.... And i'll be waiting the next tutorial.

Request : Analysis Tutorial File

Best Regards,



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