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Catia - Centre of gravity


New member

I need to calculate the center of gravity for a system that i design, so
i can send values to SEW to give the right electric motor with gear

After i calculate this i have two results:

Inertia/G - Principal Moments/G (


Inertia/Axis System - (

With one of this values need i to send to SEW to calculate right
electric motor?

Because values from Principal Moments/G are very very different from
Inertia/axis System

M1= 20 kg.m2 - IoxA= 20 kg.m2

M2= 130 kg.m2 - IoyA= 630 kg.m2

M3= 148 kg.m2 - IozA= 650 kg.m2

Who can help me?

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