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New member
i want to convert my file c:\files\part1.catpart (r20) to c:\newfiles\part2.catpart (r18) using CATDownwardCompatibility

but i can't.
would u solve it?

this it full command help:

CATDownwardCompatibility [-h / -id inputDirectory [-if inputfile /
-il inputlist] -od outputDirectory -report reportFile

-h: help
-id: input directory or DLNAME
-if: input file containing a list of documents to process
-il: input list of document to process (-if or -il parameter is mandatory)
-action: an action requested such as

"Convert": converts a document to a document readable in the version defined in -version parameter
"Synchro": synchronizes a converted document on the original file
"Info": gives information on the selected members.

Action parameter is mandatory

-version: targeted Version 5 version mandatory for "Convert" action (not used in "Synchro" & "Info" action mode)
-od: output Directory or DLNAME mandatory for "Convert" action (not used in "Synchro" & "Info" action mode)
-report: Report file name


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