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I saw nobody responded to your post. I felt bad about that. Plus this subject is something you don't see everyday.

Our company did this a few years ago for a couple companies in support of Surgeons about to cut open patients. They used the data to create SLS and SLA modls to get a good look at what they were about to run into. We did knees, tumorous areas and a couple skulls. Quite cool.

Also my business partner had a frat brother that worked at a University in the Eastern U.S., sorry can't recall which one, developing code for a software package that translated the MRI data to stl files.

The Pro/E files we created are the property of the Docs. They own them, sorry I can't share them with you.
I have posted about this subject afew different times. I often have to work with such CAT scans to Pro-E models.

What is your question?