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car seating design


New member
i wanna know " how a car seat can be designed in catia "....

is it feasible to design it in catia... if yes ...then in which " module" and " how"..
I cant understand why u ask "feasible"? its depends upon what you konw and what you want to do and how you want to do?

You can use GSD, composite design, part design or combination of any of them and some more.
first of all....thanks for rplying............

can u be more specific about gsd and composite design...???

actually i had a college project on " ergonomics " in which car seating has to be assembled according to comfortability of driver.....

getting a 2d figure of car seat and making it in part design ... i m finding it difficult....i m also thinking to make human manikin sit on the seat and produce the motions of a driver using " ergonomics module" in catia...

could u please clarify these thoughts...would be really helpful..
I think you must have manual or other stuff on catia in university/college, so you can get help with it. Because it is too difiicult to teach you completly how to do. I think its better if you search for threads from Dick Sham. He posted good tutorials on how to design with help of 2D figures. You can search on Google and


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