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Capturing shaded model for powerpoint presentation


New member
How do you capture an assembly in shaded colour for inserting into powerpoint presentation.

When i export model in jpeg, the dark background come with the picture.

How to get rid of the background colour and just have the model
Hello pro/e user

Here is my answer to your question

Go to : View, Display Dettings, System colors and uncheck the Blended Backround on the bottom of the window.

Then go above at the Backround icon, open it and move all the sliders to the right.

You can see now that Pro/e makes the backround pure white.

Now try to save a *.jpg file (File, save as, *.jpg), and try to import this icon to powerpoint.

I think that now you have only your model displayed in your presentation

Thanx for ur time
A slightly easier way to change the background, and foreground for that matter, is to use the scheme menu instead of manually changing the background colour. There is a selection for black on white, white on black etc. To get back to the default colour scheme, just select default. On my version of ProE this is all done under Utilities - Colour - System but you seem to have it under View.
Once you get your background color situated, there are a few ways you can cature the image other than exporting the image directly from Pro/E.

[*]In Pro/E , press Alt-Print Screen on your keyboard. This copies the current window into memory. Then in PowerPoint, press Ctrl-V (or Edit > Paste) to paste it on your sheet. You'll have to crop it in PowerPoint.[*]Use a third party application for capturing screenshots. I like to use ScreenHunter. The free version is very powerful. Another popular one is Snag-It.


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