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Can't open a 2001 file with 2001


New member
I have a set of files that will not open in Rev2001 even though it was created in Rev2001. Our customer is still running 2001 and they are not going to WF. We need to make some changes and have loaded 2001 again to try to open the files. The parts simply will not open. The message is invalid file, like an old downward compatibility error. The build code we have loaded is around 1440. I do not know the build code of the files.

Any suggestions


Open the Pro/E file with notepad or wordpad. It will tell you what version and build the part was made in. If you need help, post the first few lines of the file here and we can take a look at it. Also make sure it wasn't created with the educational version (although I think you'd get a different error if it was).


New member
When PTC talked about achieving backwards-compatibility in Wildfire, they were talking about between datecodes, not revisions. It is a little-understood fact that ProE files will not open between some datecodes of the same version (2001>2001). Obviously from what is happening to you, you have a datecode older than that of your customer.

No datecode of Wildfire should experience this issue opening files from an earlier Wildfire datecode (or Wildfire 2.0 either, but there is no backwards compat between WF and WF2).



New member
Thanks for the replies. The plot thickens however....

I happened to have the preview option selected while attempting to open one of the files and a Unix to Dos error came up. It appears the files have been tranferred out of a Unix environment with a non-binary method. Huh??? ain't it all 1's and 0's these days?

The message indicated to use the dos_to_binary utility in DOS and the file would be repaired if possible. I tried with no luck. Any thoughts?


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