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Can't get past flash screen


New member
Running Pro/E 2001 Special (Student) Edition. I get the splash screen and the top menus, but nothing displays in the main screen (other than the splash screen which never goes away).

If I try to do anything substantive, the program hangs.

Sounds like a display driver, but I am running Win2K with a Radeon VE and all the latest drivers.

Any ideas?
It sounds like a video problem. Try chaning the option GRAPHICS to Win32_gdi. This will force Pro/E to use software rather than hardware for graphics. If this works, then you know it's your graphics card. It may be slower, but at least you'll see something...
I had the same problem. I have not isoloated the problem. I think it is conflicting with something else. I put a second installation of the windows 2K on my computer and just installed ProE Student and it works fine.

I have not tried RedTide's solution yet..

I am using a 3D Labs VX1 graphics card.
more than likely changing the graphics to win32_gdi will fix this issue. make sure you are putting your file in your loadpoint\text directory. You should also make sure that you have downloaded the most current drivers for your graphics card.

doucetw's issue was probably a diffrent issue becuase the 3D Labs VX1 is a supported graphics card for OPENGL in Pro/E and the RADEON VE is not

try this fix and if you are still having issue let us know and I can recommend something else
Had what sounds like an identical problem. with a 3D Labs GVX1 on Pro/E 2001. After spending some time with bothe PTC's and the hardware vendors trying to locate the problem (which seemed random) they couldn't reproduce it. Eventually I tracked it down to NetMeeting.

When NetMeeting was running Pro/E's main screen tanked (we could still open and see a model if we did a photorendering). Kill NetMeeting and then Pro/E works fine, I can still reproduce it today.

Try Disableing any programs that are loading as you boot, and make sure you not running NetMeeting or any similar software.


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