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Can't get HP 1220C to print Pro E drawings.


New member
When I step through the Pro E print manager menu and hit print, it shuts down Pro E and the printer doesn't print the drawing. I receive no error message from either Pro E or the HP print menu. I am able to print drawings to my HP LaserJet 5000 Series printer with no problems, but for some reason the HP 1220C will not. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling printer drivers, have connected with both a parrallel cable and USB, and have renamed the file so that the session doesn't try to read it just in case there is something in that file that doesn't configure correctly with this model printer. If there is anyone that can suggest something, I would appreciate it. I have been in contact with PTC tech support and their suggestions have not resolved the problem.
Does it print from any other apps?

I have been using one for about a year without any problems.

There is nothing in my that relates to printing/plotting.

which OS and release of pro e are you using?

I have w2k and versions 2001 and wildfire currently printing to mine.


My operating system is Windows 2000 and the the version of Pro E I am using is 2001.

I am able to print Word documents, spreadsheets, Adobe files, and AutoCAD drawings on the HP 1220C just fine.

Any suggestions???
I have never changed a thing in either printer properties or within pro that would affect printing.

Iam using driver version 2.1

Which driver are you using?


My print driver version is 2.0. I just got done talking with a PTC technician and he informed me of the troubles Proe E has with the version 2.0. I had HP give me the link to download the 2.1 version driver. I appreciate your responses. So I hope this will resolve my problems.


Could you provide the link to the 2.1 driver for me, I am having some issues as well. I could only find the 2.0 version on the HP web site.
Nevermind, I just went back and fount it. For some reason it is out of order. It goes1.0,1.0,2.1,2.0...I guess I just overlooked the 2.1 download. Thanks anyway.


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