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Cannot have a mixture of open and closed sections


New member

I'm a neophite working on pro/e 2000i. I created a stepped shaft . Then I wanted to add a flange on the largest diameter shaft . I used the offest edge command and created it. When I selected done to complete the extrusion I received the following error

Cannot have a mixture of open and closed sections

How do i rectify this error




New member
The foll. conditions has to be satisfied:

1. The section has to be closed.

2.There should not be any intersecting entities.

3.There should not be any overplapping entities, even partially.

4.For revolve, section should be only on one side of the centreline.

Try to rectify by coinciding endpoints of different entities &/or by trimming.




New member
Check to make sure you don't have any lines on top of lines (or arcs of course). Most of the time, this is the culperate. Or you may have some little obscure line outside of the sketch that may have been created with your offset edge. I would suspect this is the problem.

Basically, like the message says, you can have either a sketch with all endpoints connected, or have an open sketch, but not both.

Don't bang your head on this to long, recreate the sketch and save yourself some time. Don't complicate the sketch to much. if you have a flang with all the bolt holes, you may find it better to simplify the whole thing, putting holes on a different sketch. just a couple of tips.