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Can you reuse a sketch?


New member
I am modelling a bridge with multiple sections. Some of these sections use the same cross-sectional drawing in sketcher. Is it possible for me to draw this sketch once, and then use it again when I need it for a different part of the bridge?
Yep. Save your sketcher (from the first section), when you are ready for next section (second section) bring it in from pull down menu Sketcher>Data From File....Hope this helps you.


You can save your sketch to a *.sec by just saving while in sketcher.

Prob is if you have dimensions to an external entity like a datum-plane. These dims won't go with the sketch.

Best thing is put in a pair of centerlines - hor & vert - which can be used for alignment and dimension to these. All dims will then be saved with sketch.
You can alway always import the sketch when you are modeling in sketch mode. And pair of centerline, horizontal and vertical, with the sketch are best way for alignment.
If you're using datum-curves to define your sections (which I'd recommend) you can always use a pattern table to produce the desired number & location of sections.
A pattern table is a way of just typing in pattern instances in pro/table.

Just check your help for pattern tables.

If you need your sections to be independent then group one and pattern the group. You can then unpattern and ungroupand you'll be left with a series of independent features.
I found the references to pattern tables..... I' m not sure if I can use it though. They use it with references to a perpendicular plane. I already have the sections along the curve defined. Is there a way for me to select the predefined curve sections for the table?
BTW, when I save my sketch and reload it, it doesn't come out the same. There are a lot of skewed dimensions. Is there a good solution to this?
Are you using a trajectory between sections, this isn't clear?

Also, when you save your sections are you saving all the dimensions too ?
I created a 3D projection curve, then used the split curve option to segment my curve into sectional curves.

And what do you mean about saving all my dimensions? I just use save copy when I'm in sketcher. I assume that the program should save all my dimensions. Since my sketch is really complicated, I put in a lot of centerlines for alignment, hoping that this would keep all my dimensions. When I reload my sketch, many of these lines are still skewed.
Sorry, I was assuming your section curves were sketched.

If there are dimensions to external entities like datum-planes Pro/E can't maitain this ref so those dimensions cannot be saved.

Another thing is if you had to dial down sketcher accuracy to regen your sketch the way you want it too, this accuracy needs to be set in any repeat sections - Pro/E doesn't maintain a record of this...
does that mean that pattern tables are out of the question? there aren't any references to external things... just to each other. i don't really know why my sketch gets skewed.

what do you mean with dial down? i changed the accuracy to .0001, if that's what you mean.
Here's what I would do:

Sketch the sections first as Datum Curves. You can then copy the curve feature as many times as you need using Feature/Copy. If you make them independent copies you can modify the curves afterwards. Then use these datum curves as references for your solid or surface geometry.


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