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Can you make an assembly a part?


New member
Is there a way to convert a pro/e assembly into a pro/e part with all the surfaces?


Gary Osterholt
What version of ProE are you using?

I'm using 2000i and it works fine.

You don't see 'Shrinkwrap' in menu or how does it not work??
Merge probaly isn't there either..

PS You realise that the shrinkwrap part gets put in a separate window that has to be activated prior to save...
A very simple way is to IGES out your assembly. The default

format flattens the file. Another words merges all of your parts into one. Then you can re-import the IGES file in part mode and replace the original assembly with the flat IGES file.

Of course you will lose your associativity but this may be acceptable for what you are trying to accomplish.


Here is what I want to do.

I need to do FEM on this assembly. I have Algor for FEM.

When I put it in Algor and put a load on it. It just falls about, not matter what load.

I thought if I could get it to be one part, it would show the stress through out the assembly.


Gary, you may want to give my Idea a try than. So long as

everything is well atached in your assembly before the IGES out I would would think this would give some indication as to the assembly stability.



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