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can we have an "UNDO" button please....


New member
I can't belive a product like Pro/E dosn't have an UNDO button. I use several high end CAD products, Unigraphics, Catia Medusa - and dare I say it - AutoCAD... All of these have an UNDO button (or you just Hit CTRL-Z). Pro/e creates a trail file that records erery mouse movement, button click and every key board entery. Surley those clever code crunchers at PTC could use the trail files to simply reverse the last action and there for create an undo button. Dont get me wrong I like Pro/E but an undo button would be usefull...

Also how often have you regenerated a complex sketch only to find you created a revolved protusion instead of a revolved cut. Can we please have the abiliy to redifine a protusion/cut to a diferent type of feature. IE redefine a revolved section into a protusion or make a cut a protrusion. This would make me sooo happy. and a happy designer has to be good for engineering...

Thanks for listening...

I'm right with you on the undo button wish. It would be SO VERY helpful. I hope someone at PTC reads this!
Lack of Undo is one of Pro/E's weaknesses - but I can't see PTC bringing it on any time soon.

However, they've sorted your second problem in Wildfire - in most features you just click a button to toggle between protrusion & cut.

Indeed, Wildfire does address both the undo command and toggling between a cut and a protrusion. After using it for a short time it seems much more intuitive and user friendly than 2001. Check it out...
Hello pro/e user

Let me disagree about your opinion about the undo but and where could be useful

The way Pro/E thinks an undo button would not be useful.

In an Assembly when pro/e crashed you can return to ur previous situation by the resolve mode and undo changes

In Sketcher mode pro/e has an undo button which you can in the file tell pro/e how many commands to remember.

In Part mode when you make a mistake, when you are making a feature just delete it, or cancel the procedure making it.

Don't look the ther cad systems.

pro/e has different opinion about CAD and don't try to compare with other CAD systems.


Karavasilis V. Christos
We surely do need UNDO & REDO. It may sound as simple as deleting a feature, but what happens when u delete or make a change than decide that's not what u wanted. We've requested this in the past from PTC. It was encouraging to see it implemented in Sketcher, it would be great to see that extended to complete features & changes.

Not worth it, to fiddly, especially if u have the part in an assembly, or linked to a 2D drawing. Plus u get an undo with the cheapest programs these days, why would u put up without it in Pro/e.


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