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Can symbols read in information form models?


New member
Does anyone know if symbols can read in information from models or drawings? I am trying to find a way to make 'smarter' symbols that vary depending on model / drawing information.

(example:. If a value in the model is set to 1 a particular note is shown on the drawing face. If that value would be set to 2 another note would be shown.)
You will need to make 2 drawing states, and write a program. Create a drawing state, I'll call it state1 for now. Record commands, create one of the notes. Now select done. Now create drawing state state2, and create the other note. Select done. Now to write the program. Use file edit, here is an example.





I am unfamiliar with drawing states. Do they operate similar to simplfied reps do for assy's?

My assumption is that you would have the notes and information that are particular to MATERIAL 1 on that drawing state. Would all the notes for all the states have to be saved in the drawing(5 materials notes = 5 drawing states)? I would rather have one symbol with varible text that is dependant on the input form the model.

I am familar with writing relations, but I have never used the set state command. Would this work on simplified reps in models and assembly as maybe a SET REP command ?
Drawing states are for drawing models that may change, and therefore need different details. Mainly for programed models.

Yes, you would have to set a different state for each note. If you do not like this method you could try making a model parameter, and writing that into your note/symbol(&parameter).

Then you could control the note/symbol at the part level with relations.

Set state is only for drawing programs.
Basicly, yes symbols can read model parameters. I was a little confused with your question at first. I thought you wanted to change the entire symbol and not just the text. You cannot change a symbol based on the model(except for the text of coarse). If you want to change the actual symbol, you will need to use drawing states. If you only want to change the symbol text, just insert a parameter in the text.