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Can I install Pro/E with windows XP?


New member

I want to install Pro/E Wildfire on the platform of windows XP.

Does it works, and how can I change the language from english to german?

Thanks for your answers!!


New member
Just so you have a quick answer, YES. I'm not sure what else you would install it on as far as Windows goes.

I'll let someone else get the German question.


New member
poppsack.. just incase you havent got maintenance..

1. First, select appropriate language wished during installation.
Ifinstallationhas& nbsp;alreadybeenrealised,checkif&nbs p;languagehasbeeninstalled.This&nbsp ;languagemustappearinthedirect ory:
Example:youneeditalianla nguageonaSUNworkstationwhere&n bsp;proe2000ihasbeeninstalledin&nbsp ;/opt/ptc.Execute
"cd/opt/ptc/proe200i/sun4_solaris/text"the n"ls"
ifnodirectory"italian"apperas, ithasn'tbeeninstalled.
Iflanguageis missingin[Pro/ENGINEERlp]/[architecture] /textORifinstallationhasnot&nb sp;beenrealisedyet:
insertPro/ENGINEERCDROM.Choose onlyPro/ENGINEERoncePro/SETUPis&nbsp ;started.
Inthewindowtitled"Pro/ENGINEER -DefineInstallationComponents":
modify"Language(s)"fieldinorde rtohavethereatleast"Engl ish"andthelanguagewished.If&nb sp;thelanguagewishedismissing, pleaserefertoTAN103488.

2. Set a new variable LANG to your user variables :
Editthefile".login"or".c shrc"inyourhomedirectoryand&nb sp;addtheline"setenvLANG [Language]".
[language] canbeinlowercases"french"&nbsp ;or"fr","italian"or"it","spani sh"or"sp"and"german"or"g e".
Tocheckcorrectsyntax,executeco mmand"locale-a"fromashell.
OnWindows95, 98andXP:
OnWindows,[language] canbeinlowercases"french",&nbs p;"italian","spanish"and"german".

hope this sorts you out..



New member
so it won't be fixed till WF 3.0? is that what it means by future releases? or will it be in a later datecode?

Thanks by the way!



The "architecture" directory depends on what type of machine you are using. Pro/E will automatically detect your machine type and make the appropriate directory. For a PC it will be loadpoint\i486_nt. For Suns it will be something like sun4_solaris_64. The startup command will be a batch file in the loadpoint\bin directory. It will be named something like proe1.bat (for PC). It will call the executable proe.exe which will also be in the bin directory.


New member
In the "architecture" directory is in the "text" directory an german directory included.

In the proe1.bat file is the note "set LANG=german" also included.

But the program allready startes in english.

Whatcan bethe reason?


New member
just to say, that for some weird reason, pro/eng decided to run with a spanish menu, I am working in spain and PC is configured in spanish.

But I learned and used for sometimes the english version so I could not get around. I edited the proe1.bat file adding "set LANG=english", and it worked.

Thanks guys


New member
Make sure you have installed the german language for ProE (use the setup),

If you have a german Windows XP you should set a system variable (not user variable) LANG=GERMAN. Log on as administrator to set this one.

At work I change this variable to LANG=EN when I want to have ProE WF2 in English, and set LANG=GERMAN when I want ProE in german and it seems to work without problems.
NOTE: I think there might be other programs using this variable, so this might cause problems if you have a non-german Windows and set it to EN for example, but I'm not sure.