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Can I install both Wildfire and 2001 at a same computer?




You might want to make separate start-up directories so your's don't get mixed up.


New member
Yes I am currently using both until my clients upgrade.

*some are waiting for intralink updates



New member
ya you can install both the version, it does not effect any problem. create 2 different start up. copy that old configpro and open a new directory and paste it. show the path for that config pro for new version.

My sujection is please dont mix both the config pro for diffent version

thanks and regards,

s.satish kumar

design Engg

sharjah , uae.

E-mail: [email protected]

Nose Bleed

New member
You'd better believe you can!!! realise that once you make a model in 2001 and then transfer it into and save it in Wildfoul, you'll not be able to transfer it back to 2001...


New member
Its fine to load multiple versions on one machine. I have 2000i, 2000i^2, 2001, and wildfire on mine. I leave the old versions on just in case you need it to work with a customer or supplier still using that version. It is also nice to use the version your familiar with to get things done until you are comfortable with the new one.

The main thing you need to be aware of is that each version will use up a license. So you can only run one version at once unless you have multiple licenses available.


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