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Can I control part color w/ parameter?


New member
Can I control a part color and texture with a parameter?

I want to make a relation that controls a parts appearance based on thickness and material grade information. I want the relation to check my sheetmetal thickness and assigned material and change the color based on thickness and texture based on material type.

Am I dreaming?


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New member

Directly changing the color thru Program is not possible to my knowledge. However as with all things a few tricks can get you close.

One way to use Programto visually know what configuration your part is in would be:

Add an IF ELSE statement to "choose" and conditionally ADD between a set of SOLIDGEOM surface copies of your model with different assigned colors. You can add a set of surface copies at the end of the model with the new "end of model" I think it's called that, option to ensure the copies always incorporate all the changes in the model. There was a post on this recently in the modeling forum. If you only need a selective set of surfaces you can do the same thing with an individual surface copy. For example you want to know if a spotface is 10mm or 15mm deep. The "faced" surfaces can be given a color based on the condition and the program can add the appropriate feature to indicate that. Of course you could add a text surface to indicate the configuration as well. In other words, it does not need to utilize any of the model geometry. Any type of feature is valid.

There was a post on the forum where a guy did this with faced metal parts. I can't remember where but if you ask around someone will know where.

Also, I would suggest you offset the surfaces a minute positive distance to remove the tessilation or not if it does not bother you. The surfaces can be layered off in the drawings so you won't see them there...if you use drawings.

Hope this helped. E-mail me if you need any additional ideas.