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Can changes be made to a previous rev level in Intralink


New member
Hello everyone,

Is there a way that I can checkout a previous revision level of a part and make changes to it without effecting the current revision level of that same part??

I have a part with three instances. The only difference being Customer Part No and coating on the part. The part number is V7300P with Rev levels of A, B and C.

I need to modify Revision B without effecting Revision C and leaving the revision level at B once completed.

Also I need to do the same as above but Revision B will now become Revision D.

I hope this makes sense and thanks for any advice.


I think about this question before, but the only way to achive this seemed to be on design branch not on revision.

It is the natural behavior to add a new version after the latest revision each time you make a change to your design. If you want to develop multi model at the same time, maybe you should consider about useing another part name or make a design branch.


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