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Can anyone instruct me on Batch Plotting?


New member
Hi All, I need to print every drawing in a directory on B sized paper (even if it's not a B size drawing). We are running 2001 with Intralink 3.0.

thank you,

Go to your proe install dir i.e. c:\ptc\proe2001\bin and look for pro_batch.bat this will launch the batch program.
sorry to be negative but I have tried it useing 2000i2 several times and it has never worked.

if you can get it to work post how you did it.

I've seen people post a similar question to this one many times. Can someone explain to me why you would need to print hundreds of files at the same time? I understand that companies and needs are different but I can't see how something like this would be useful. Just curious.

I used to work at a company that designed custom firetrucks. Every truck was made to order, with different body, and cab options. On top of that, the dimensions of the body and chassis was set by the order. You also had 1000's of optional accessories.

In order to get accurate drawings, we used Pro/Program to interchange assemblies, and pass down geometry to many layers of subassemblies and parts. The subassemblies and parts changed everytime we changed an option or a dimension.

This posed a big problem when it came time to deliver the drawing package. Not only did the drawings have to update, but depending on the cofiguration some of the assemblies would appear or go away. So it was impossible to compile a print list that worked. The solution was a batch file that read the BOM of the assembly in session, and pulled up each individual drawing. Based on matching the BOM numbers with the drawing files it found in the search paths, it brought up every drawing regenerated it, and plotted it. So basicly what would have took hours of pouring over BOM's at many different levels, and pulling up the drawings to plot them, now took only a few minutes.


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