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can anyone help me


New member
hi guys

iam a student doing my masters and in my course work i have Cad as my subject. i need to submit a project to fullfill the course, it would be a modeling of any practical model

can u suggest some examples which i can perform and display as my project.

remember iam doing my masters degree

hey ravi,

Try any kitchen gadget like can opener , or bottle opener or icecream scoop and do a bit of reverse engineering .

Hi Ravi, I suggest you to do some small animation kind of thing, for eample take a Automobile Vehicle, do modelings of Transmision System and explain how the power from Engine to Road Wheel Transmits.
hai ravi,

u better doing animated assemblies for example:

engine assembly-in this u do animation for explaining piston movement and other parts movement. not only the piston anything related to animation.


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