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CAD/CAM packages and cost


New member
Hi there,

Not completely pro related but hope people can give feedback.

I am a pro-user designing motorsport parts amongst others.

One of my suppliers has just invested in a bridgeport machining centre and wishes to use the CAM functionality.

Although it would be nice for me if he used pro/manufacture, i understand the costs ivolved as his buisness is small >5 employees.

He has another customer who uses Solidworks and they are trying to make him buy this though he has been quoted 20K for full manufacturing functionaility!!%^*%&


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everything depends on market.

-look around for one better dealer

(or try www.engineering.com & http://www.mcadcafe.com/).

excelent is PowerMill from DelCAM (it is stand alone)

also you can request one quote from DP Technologies (Esprit)

or why not MasterCAM.

Try to find some dealers in your area. And try to get the best offer (this is mean also support functions).

I think you can find something.

... but if oyu are in automotive/motor industry you can not ignore your clients softwares.


New member
Hi Bobson,

mastercam 4-5 axis : $15,000

pro/man: $25,000

a 5 axis post for any of these cam cost from 3 to 5g.

one very important thing to remember is it will be a lot easier to get a mastercam programmer than a pro/man programmer.


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I use Pro/NC , SmartCam , MasterCam & Solid Works. I find it fun using Pro/Nc because the design section supplies the models - nothing beats Pro/E in that respect. However, with five employees it is hard to recommend anything less in quality than Pro/NC. Solid Works teams up with EdgeCam which means you have to buy them separately. MasterCam is a standalone with good history of profficiency but you may need a design software to generate models. I believe Pro/E has an ongoing deal for packages similar to your needs. Try [email protected] He is an honest man to deal with... Larry


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FYI PTC Prismatic and Multi-surface milling option is at US$5K this is complete multi-surfaces 3 axis package with 4 and 5 axis positioning running in Pro/E. 5 axis is at US$14K



New member

5k for a mill license. that's cheap for a big name like ptc. of course you have to get a pro engineer license in order for it to work right?


New member
We have what is called

Pro/E Milling Foundation

Which is basically the Foundation Advantage (incredible at mechanical design and very good at surfacing) and a Prismatic and Multisurface Milling (mentioned by Francois - Whom BTW can give you excellent advice with the program - thanks Francois)

The MFG package is the basic milling package but don't let that fool you, it beats easily big packages like SurfCAM 3axis plus and MasterCAM 3axis (which we have).

The higher end package just works for continuous 5 axis (which you don't mention to need) and of course there's a production package for lathes. None of the other has 5 axis included in their basic, so you're looking at much pricier software if you need that.

Go with an ALL-PTC solution, we are moldmaking shop getting bigger and looking at where PTC is heading with Wildfire, we will stick with it. (When will they update the MFG interface?)


New member
I didn't mention the most important of all, prices:

PTC Milling Foundation: $9995+2540 maint

For this you would need:

SurfCAM 3 axis plus $9995 (first year included)+$2000 maint

(You need mechanical design software since surfcam is surfaces only, and very poor at it)


MasterCAM Mill 3 axis $13.000 no maint option

(Very good milling package but aging interface, so clumsy you won't even bother getting the most out of it, surfacing and basic solids, but no mechanical design either)


SolidWorks ~$3500 depending on who you buy

(Good mid-range mechanical modelling software, trying to get its hands on Pro/E - But you don't have room to improve - remember you're buying the *most basic* Pro/E bundle vs. the Highest Mid-range mechanical)

Oh my god way too much rambling :)


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