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Cabling / Entry ports in part...



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I am new in using Pro/Cabling, till now I just get the basics of this tool using PTC help and on line tutorials. During this test I found one thing that I like to ask you about.

When I create a 3D part that should have an entry port for the wire/cable I put a CSYS when working in part mode. Then in Cabling I need to designate this CSYS as an entry point, and I have to do it for every copy of this same part.

Is there any way to create a part with entry port in it? That when I in pro/cabling (in assembly) all instances (copies) of this part will have the entry point already designate?

Thanks for your help



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Try looking into setting up a sample neutral file that will allow you to autodesignate that connector. See your HELP for NEUTRAL FORMAT and you can make one file with 20 instances in it and will set up parameters when you autodesignate.

Another option is to use your free license of Routes Systems Designer lite to create blocks and ports to set up connectors using autodesignate. Feel free to also use the wire/fiber creation to finish the schematic and autoroute your wires in pro/cable!

see the PTCUSER.ORG and go to the TECHNICAL COMMITTEES/ AMERICAS/ROUTED SYSTEMS and download the nashville presentation from 2004 to see how!


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Hi All,

I am quite new to pro-cabling, I feel there should be some solution to creating co-ordinate system for every connector which then we designate as entry port.

Overallcan anybody help me withbest method of creating co-ordinate system on connectorsas well assembling male connector to female connector, how we ensure the assembling with co-ordinate system is perfect and the parts are assembled perfectly.


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the practice that PTC suggests is to copy the Csys that you need as
entry ports in a sub-assembly, and mating the connectors with the
Published Reference menu.

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Are you aware that from Creo 1.0 onwards you can define the connection parameters on the components.

On each coordinate system which represents a connection point in the component add the parameters
<ul>[*]Entry_port yes[*]Grouping (string) round, wire or flat[*]Internal_len (Real number)[*]Pins (string)

When you manually designate a component you will not longer have to set up each entry port as they are already set by the defined paramters

Furthermore you will not longer need to set these parameters in Creo Schematics

This should be a huge time saving for everyone.

Any questions then let me know

Cheers, Jim


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Hi Gromanetto,

Can you please explain it bit more detailed How we cancopy the Csys thatwe need as entry ports in a sub-assembly, and mating the connectors with the
Published Reference menu I am working with Wildfire 3.0.