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New member
Hi, does anyone knows where is memorized the pro-e browse favorites directory?? If I want erase an old favorite directory which dosn't exist anymore and whose address I don't remember what I have to do???




New member
It should be in a config.pro file in your Documents & Settings your account directory.

Do a search on config.pros and it should show up


New member
The config.pro file contain a browser_favorite option, but it doesn't seem work!! If I set a new directory in config, such think like browser_favorite c:\mydoc, then no change occur in my pro-e browser; the main think I don't understand is where pro-e memorize the favorites directories chosen by the user, do you know anythink about it???




New member
Just to clear up nomenclature, officially PTC says browser favorites are the links displayed in the Favorites Navigator pane of the Navigator. The Navigator is the model tree area and the embedded web browser collectively.

So the browser_favorite config.pro option does not point to the file you want. It adds a favorite link to your Favorites Navigator pane. You can add multiple web sites to your favorites using this config.pro option.

The caviot is you can't delete these favorites from your Favorites Navigator. If you do the delete gets recorded and overrides the config.pro option. In that event you have to track down the favorites file and delete it. There is no other workaround.

To find the actual favorites file, look in (Windows 2000 and I think XP):

<root drive>:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\PTC\ProENGINEER\Wildfire\.wf\.Settings

(Windows NT):

<root drive>:\WINNT\Profiles\<user name>\Application Data\PTC\ProENGINEER\Wildfire\.wf\.Settings

where <root drive> is where your OS software is loaded, usually C and <user name> is the profile of the current user.

If you plan to distribute these favorites to your users don't try putting them in the Default User profile. Pro/ENGINEER won't read them from that location. Instead, the files have to be copied into the profile for each local user profile that accesses Pro/ENGINEER on the computer. I haven't tried this with roaming profiles and I don't know how it will behave or if it is possible.

Browser Favorites are recorded in the config.fav file but don't bother trying to edit it. It is very cryptic and if Wildfire doesn't understand something, the entire file becomes useless. You have to edit it from the Favorites Navigator pane in Wildfire.

I'm not sure what the difference between config.his and web_history.xml. Both maintain the last 20 URLs visited in the Navigator Browser pane. I think one may be for Wildfire and the other for Wildfire 2.

If you run Pro/INTRALINK, config.fld causes Pro/INTRALINK to startup when you manually launch Pro/ENGINEER. In other words, delete this file and Pro/ENGINEER won't start Pro/INTRALINK.

The XML file in the same directory named connections_conf.xml controls the Navigator Connections. These are those links PTC thinks you need (Pro/COLLABORATE, PartsLink, PTC/USER, User Area, etc.) Even though this is XML, don't bother modifying it either. If the Connections doesn't point to some sort of key on the PTC corporate servers, the links won't show.

More information can be found in the Knowledge Database, but I think I covered nearly all of it here. Hope this helps.