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broken views


New member
can some one tell me if there is any option to control the break lines in a broken view. i want to control the length of both horizontal and vertical break lines i.e.. i don't want the break line to intersect some of the parts.
How can I control the line style (or line width) of the break lines of a broken view?

In my broken views now the break lines have the same thickness (width) as the part geometry.

I would like them to appear as thinner lines.

I can't seem to find an option or a setting to change that ...

Kind regards


Try to create in your part/asm datum planes or datum points which would be controlled by relations (this way no matter if length changed or position of component changed it would always be in boundaries you defined with this planes or dots). Then in drawing when you create broken view for reference pick those planes or dots.
Hope it helps


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