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Bring Adobe Illustrator file into a drawing


New member
How can I import an adobe illustrator file into a pro-e drawing.

I need to be able to print it and even dimension it if possible.

We create drawings of our labels that we stick on the parts we make. This is why I ask.

Let me straighten a few things out here. With Wildfire you can import in a Illustrator file (.ai) You can either inport this file into sketcher mode or in to part mode. If you have a pdf of your artwork, Illustrator will read this pdf and then you can save it in Illustrator format. The pdf file you are working from needs to be done in a vector format program for Illustrator to convert it. If the artwork is in a raster format (jpg or tif), you will need to convert it to a vector based file. Adobe Streamline will do this. The output can be saved as either a Illustrator file or a dxf file. Another point, Illustrator will read and write dxf and dwg files. Be carefull to watch the scale of these file formats. The units of measure are different between the programs but they do covert nicely between the two. Let me know if you need any other questions answered...