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breakout or section view through housing


New member
Can someone please advise on how I can create a view of an assembly with a section of the outter housing, cutout so that I can see the internal components of the assembly. I'm using WF2,

Thanks in advance,



New member
To see the components on the inside without creating a cross section. Go to view, drawing display, component display. Select either style or blank. Blank will turn the outer housing of so you will only see the components on the inside. If you select style and phantom transparent, the outer housing will be displayed in phantom lines and you will be able to see the internal components.

I hope this is what you are looking for


You can make all kinds of cut away views if you use all the tools available. Here is a local cross section with some of the inside parts excluded so they showup uncut. You can also change the visibility if components, etc.
View attachment 888


New member
Basically all I want to cut out is the area of thecircuit board that is inside the spline so that I can see the items underneath the circuit board, refer to attached pic.

View attachment 889

Any help one how to do this would be appreciated.



New member
I never thought I would be giving an answer here but here goes. This
can be done with family tables, start with the assembly instance
"asslyname_clip" and in there add the components you wish to look
through. In each component create a family table instance
"partname_clip" and add a cut for the area you wish to clip in the
final drawing. Then in the asslyname_clip instance replace the
originals with the instances. You will not even have to reassemble
them. It may take some fine tuning of the cuts you made to get the
views you want but it just worked for me. Then you just have to add
the assembly instance to the drawing. I am working in WF4 but I can't
see why it would not work in earlier versions.




New member
IMHO the easiest way:
a) Create a simplified rep of the circuit board component... "work region" | "extrude";
in subsequent sketcher create a spline for the breakout. Save the part.
b) In the requisite assembly, select the circuit board component, RMB ... "Representation" | "User defined" | 'sim rep name'
c) Now save the newly created assembly simplified rep and use this assy sim rep in a drawing view, or an on screen snapshot, etc.
~John F.