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Breaking up an IGES assembly

Nose Bleed

New member
Hi all,

For the first time, I was sent an assembly in IGES format. Is there a way to break up this assembly (pro automatically converts it to a prt file) so that I can work with the separate pieces?

Thanks in advance!
Ouch! I had to do this one time and luckily it wasn't a very complex assembly. The method I used to go about it is still tedious though.

Essentially, I saved the imported part as a different part name for each component in the assembly. Then I redefined the imported geometry (in each component) to delete the appropiate surfaces in order to get the part model. Then I built the assembly by aligning the CSYS in each of the new models.

Like I said, VERY tedious & somewhat time consuming, but luckily, not a lot of parts or even complex geometry.

I have heard of other 3rd party software (e.g. CADfix) that can do what you want, but I don't know enough about them to guarantee results.

Hopefully, another user will have a better alternative than mine.

Good luck.

Possible solutions:

~Try importing the IGES as an assy

~Ask your source to export the assy as STEP, and bring the files as an assy when you open it (this won't fail).

~if you still want IGES files, ask your source to check off the assy option when exporting the assy or convert STEP ( if u get it) to IGES
If I knew then, what I knew now....DAMN!!! That is so simple it's brilliant.

I don't know how fast this method works in Pro/2001, but I tried it in Wildfire and with the pre-selection tools it is very quick.
And that the accepted solution in the mentioned thread was mine! Kewl!

Concerning the colours: if you want the generated parts have the same colour as the imported quilts, do the following in assembly: choose from the appearances menu #modify from model and select one of the coloured imported quilts. Choose #ok. Now select the part created from that quilt and choose #set. Somewhat time consuming when you have many parts with many different colours, but the colours are at least the same as the import.



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