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"Bounding Box" output question.


New member
When I select info model size on the menu I get the length of the bounding box diagnal. Is there a way to get the length of the legs of the box and it's thickness? Our custmers standard is plate sizes must be given in bounding box format. e.g. a 1/4 thick triangle with a 5 leg and a 7 leg would be shown on the bom as 1/4 x 5 x 7 plate. Other geometry is not so easy to pull the x, y, z bounding box dimensions from.

Is there anyway I can get x,y,z bounding box dimensions easily?

Try creating sketched datum curves that represent the bounding box. Constrain them to your geometry so that they will move with it. Use a reference dimension to obtain the length of the curve in sketcher. Use the reference dimensions in a note on a drawing.


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