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boolean operation


New member
can any one tell me exact use of boolean operations. since
the operations performed in boolean can also be performed
by other means . then why should we use it ?
You really don't have to use Boolean operations with CATIA V5.

They are there to allow V4 models to be converted to V5, since V4 was based on using Booleans for every feature.
Edited by: nappie
by using boolean operations you have flexibility of
changing part feature , for example in Boolean operation
feature are model in different body and after Boolean
operation if u want to change add operation ( add
material ) to remove operation ( remove material )u can
change with out error in ur part model , in other side if
ur not using any boolean operations u will get a lot of
problem for doing same , so that boolean operations give
more freedom and flexibility and its a good practice
modelling model by using Boolean operation , just model
some part by using same method and try to change feature
operation u will see different .

please reply me if ur not satisfy with ans


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