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BOM sorted by the Model Tree


New member
Hi all,

How do I sort my BOM table per the order of the Model Tree. For example:

The first part assembled in the model tree should be item #1 in the BOM.

The second part assembled in the model tree should be item #2 in the BOM.

and so forth.

So that the balloons will indicate in the same order.

Right now, the default is by something that I yet know how to configure. The problem is the order of manufacturing order (same as Model Tree order) is NOT the same as the BOM order.

I can answer your questions if I didn't explain my problem well.

I searched but yet found any threads. Please help.

The next question is how do I indicate two BOM balloons with the same number. For example: the assembly has two screws at a far distance apart. I want to indicate the first screw with #1 and the second screw with #1 as well. On the BOM, it will be non-duplicate so it will show item#1 with a QTY: 2. Of course, it could be done manually but they don't want that because of quality control here.

Much appreciated,

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1) You can use 'Fix Index' to set item numbers on your BOM.
Table > Repeat Region > Fix Index.

2) You can create new balloon (parametrically) using 'Split'.
Table > BOM Balloon > Split

BTW, this is base upon 2001.



New member

Thanks SO MUCH GURU Charles!

I don't know why PTC does not have that function called (BOM Order to Model Tree Order).
Even if they have this function, it would only work in 'Duplicate' mode.

Otherwise if you are in 'No Duplicate' mode and if you have 2 of same item that are not in sequential order the BOM will be confused.

Anyway, glad that things worked out for you.



New member
Actually, I think it DOES work. Back when I was still using
Pro/E, there was a counter-intuitive setting... something like "no
sort"... then it would show in model tree order.

There might have been a point about the "no duplicates" setting.
The algorithm would be simple to handle the duplicates, but it might
not be written into the BOM handler.

At any rate, if you want to show more than one ballon, you have to use
a balloon with quatity. If you don't like the index/qty formet
supplied by pro/e, it is fairly uncomplicated to make a custom ballon
"with quantity" that only shows the index. There is a fair
explanation of the process here:

http://www.proecentral.com/portal/articles/articlesDetail. asp?id=26

Once you balloon a component, you can "split quantity" the balloon and
add another ballon with the same index to another component in the
drawing view.

One caveat: If you have three of component 17 and you split the balloon
once, you will have one balloon with qty 1 and another with qty
2. If you cannot split a balloon to label the third component,
try splitting the other balloon. I seem to remember this giving
me fits one day long ago before I reckoned it out.


Paul P


New member
Regarding splitting BOM ballons. Splitting of BOM balloons is possible without "With Qty" option, if you select "Custom" option when setting repeat region. The "Open" dialog box shows where you need to specify location of the "simple" BOM balloon symbol file.

So, procedure is as follows:

- click Set region option

- choose Custom

- selectBOM balloon (simple) symbol file

- Create BOM ballon

Default BOM balloon(Simple) when setting repeat region will not allow you to split balloons.


New member
I grant the point. I thought that one of the selections for a
custom balloon was the choice between "with quantity" or not... perhaps
all custom balloons are tagged "with quantity" now.

Like I said... it's been a while.


New member

you can easily get the B.o.M to list in model Tree order by specifying
the Flat Attribute and having no sort regions, provided you select
either Duplicates or No Dup/Level.

If however you select No Duplicates Pro/E for some reason applies it's
own sort region, for my B.o.M.s it sorts by description. I consider
this to be a bug and it has been around for at least 10 years

I would not recommend using fix index where you can possibly avoid it
as it can produce problems when a component with a fixed number is
deleted from the assembly. You may find that its index number becomes
totally inaccessible. The workaround was to unfix the BEFORE deleting
the component but this might be a problem if you update the drawing a
day or two after the deletion.


YouCAN unfix after the component has been deleted.

Repeat Region > Fix Index (Select table) > Unfix > Index (type in index number you want to unfix).



New member
Fixing an index is a very important feature when working with assemblies and ERP system. You cannot create item in the ERP and let the index in Pro/E be unfixed. What if new components are added in Pro/E. Those cannot just replace item numbers because item numbers in ERP have already been used and cannot be used again. The order of the items is also important when speaking about ERP and Pro/E.


New member
I don't remember the exact circumstances that created the problem as it
would have been about four years ago with a build of 2000i but I know
that at the time I could NOT unfix the index. Quite possibly due to a
bug that has since been fixed.

As for the ERP requirements; that is the only case where I would go to the hassle of fixing indices.